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Christmas on the Beach

Celesta’s Lens Christmas Card Images

Images in high quality digital files you can purchase, immediately download, and take to your preferred printer. It’s never too late to start thinking about Christmas Cards! Please like and share. I appreciate you having a look!


The World Needs More Love Letters


I stumbled across this website a little bit ago and it’s such a lovely idea, I though I’d share and hopefully get a few more people involved in this touching cause.


Every month the website is updated with new Letter Requests, which are hand selected by members of their team. You get to know a little bit about the person who is in real need of the letters in some kind of way, and an address to post them to. The letters are collected and hand delivered to the person in bundles to bring some joy into their lives. It’s such a simple idea and such an easy thing to do to reach out to someone else in the world who is in need.

The September 2018 Letter Requests have been posted!

Early Morning on the Beach


Enjoyed photographing early this morning on the beach.

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